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AI solutions for e-commerce. Documents recognition and person identification

Web privacy is a dim, confounded issue loaded with clashing interests, deception, insinuation and innovation disasters. On its essence, e-commerce businesses and privacy advocates are raddled. Sites need to gather all possible information about their customers; customers, for the most part, try to share as little as could be allowed. But what to do when lawmaking changes can affect your business?

New laws, less privacy?

After a law restricting access to some types of content per age was enacted in Great Britain, an issue thrown into sharp relief, how law compliance can be quarantined. It is safe to say that similar laws will be shortly enacted in many European countries and, quite likely, in the USA. When the government needs clarity and safety in the field of the web, it also does e-commerce.

That's why some online purchases require personal identification. For example, alcohol or drugs on prescription. There are also a variety of online services, that will need also document verification, for example, online casinos, adult content, online loans. Technology for the online identification is developed to solve this issue.

AI solutions to have cake and eat it, too

The technology looks simply: the user glances at the webcam and puts a passport next to his face. The system reads data from the passport, compares it with a photo, and if it is the same person, it gives access to the account. To make this real we at BlackRidge Software developed registration certificate and pass recognition service.

OCR Solutions for pass recognition are solutions that simplify the input of data into your system. We have developed a fully secure electronic passport recognition system that can peruse the required fields from a photo, dissect and convert data into text. No more scanning, you can simply snap a photo on the cell phone camera.

It will be helpful to any company that requires data entry from customers' documents: Insurance Companies, Tour operators and Airlines, Car rental service, etc. Scanned passport data can be easily verified using open registries. As well as the document validation and its history tracking can be made easily

How does it work

The program recognizes the data from the document, selects the required fields by itself and enters them into the appropriate cells in the system. This allows you to fill in all the necessary documents in 2-5 seconds instead of a minute and a half. Especially good it is will when a big number of data should be inputted in one time. With passport recognition service, all you have to do is just choose needed parameters and upload a photo of all passports.

While teaching the system to recognize photos, we made a sample of various nations inhabitants' passports. There were pictured people of different age, sex, nationality, race, with short and long hair, and so on. Furthermore, a presently well-prepared neural system works with acknowledgment level 96% and that's just the beginning.

With the use of a passport recognition system, the speed report execution is expanded a few times (service can recognize 9 fields in almost no time), just as the comfort for the administrator and customer.
Eugeniy Kononov
In the meantime, the quantity of human errors is decreased. However, integration with a chatbot will essentially accelerate the preparing of approaching solicitations and lessen staff costs. The job of a project supervisor can play out a chatbot.

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