CardConnect makes payments simple, secure and 100% PCI compliant. Even better - all of our solutions are customized for each client to accommodate their unique business requirements.
Real-Time Transaction Management
All of our payment acceptance products come with complimentary access to Card Pointe, giving you the power to manage processed payments and view full transaction lifecycle reports in real-time. Effortlessly void, capture and refund - from your desktop or mobile device.

Comprehensive Reporting
View detailed deposit reports and customer information, as well as real-time authorizations and settlements

Account Alerts
Receive instant notifications when a chargeback is filed, when your digital statements are available and much more

Premium Add-Ons
Choose from a variety of additional products to complement your business needs, such as eCheck processing and shopping cart integrations
This plug-and-play terminal secures every transaction with a powerful combination of point-to-point encryption and tokenization, allowing you to accept cards with magnetic stripes and EMV chips, as well as NFC payments, with peace of mind.

Point-to-Point Encryption
Our P2PE solution is the only way to truly protect in-store and call center transactions. All sensitive data is instantly encrypted upon swipe or card data input, ensuring zero sensitive data touches your systems

After data encryption, our patented tokenization solution yields a random, mathematically irreversible token vs. the industry standard of a derivative token that can potentially be hacked

Seamless Functionality
Thanks to the device's Card Pointe connection, you can easily run refunds, voids and pre-auths and access summaries and reports by card type - directly from your terminal
Virtual Terminal
Accept credit/debit cards and eChecks with the most convenient terminal - your computer . Securely take orders over the phone or select from a variety of device options. For recurring transactions, quickly set up a bill plan for any customer.

Interchange Optimization
We automatically process Level 11 and Level 111 data so every transaction qualifies for a lower interchange rate, reducing the cost of each payment processed

Custom Profiles
Create profiles for each of your customers - complete with transaction history and custom fields. You can even safely store multiple credit cards for future use.

Billing Plans
Set up recurring bill plans with a few clicks of the mouse. All plans are customizable and come complete with detailed reporting and email notifications for customers

Extend the benefits of the Card Pointe platform to your mobile device with our native iOS and Android app. You can choose from a number of hardware options to swipe or dip credit cards for the ultimate on-the-go payments experience.

Inventory Management
Instantly add, modify and delete items in your digital inventory right from your mobile phone

Offline Transactions
No network connectivity? No Problem. Run transactions as usual and upload them later when you're back on line

Barcode Scanner
Utilize your device's camera to capture barcodes to make ringing up items a breeze
What are Interchange Costs?
Interchange costs are the fees that merchants must pay in order to accept credit card payments from customers. These rates are determined by the card associations and the card-issuing banks, and vary based on card type, purchase amount and how transaction data is specified. In total, there are over 300 levels of interchange.
With interchange cost plus pricing, businesses always pay direct interchange costs plus a flat percentage and transac­ tion fee. This is typically less costly than flat rate and tiered pricing structures.
3-D Secure provides more security for card-not-pres­ ent transactions, reducing the interchange rate as well as shifting fraud liability from the merchant back to the issuing bank
When Level 11/111 data is passed for 828 transactions, interchange discounts are realized. These discounts reach as high as 0.8-0.9%.
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