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Magento is one of the most popular and attractive open source eCommerce systems that would be convenient for both customers and administrators of the online store. Like the majority of other engines for eCommerce, Magento works on the basis of PHP and MySQL.

With Magento, you are provided with a full eCommerce toolkit beginning with shopping cart and ending with user account. It has ground-breaking management, marketing system and product management. Moreover, Magento is capable of maintaining almost unlimited amount of websites simultaneously.
WordPress powers more than 20% of websites all around the world today so almost all user in the web has used or at least heard or seen WordPress website.

WordPress has changed the way business communicate with their customers. WordPress has become the popular web content publishing platform that provides great appearance while offering great user experience to a site.
WooCommerce is a free open-course plugin for eCommerce that was developed for flexible WordPress integration. Use WooCommerce if you strive to solve the problem of pure sales capabilities, bad control of managers' work and site's performance at all. One of the most attractive benefits is a wide range of extensions for any needs.
Magento is an e-commerce platform written in PHP atop the Zend framework, available under both open-source and commercial licenses. It is written in an advanced object-oriented idiom that uses the MVC pattern and XML configuration files, aiming for flexibility and extensibility.
Akeneo is a Product Information Management software (PIM) that helps marketing teams worldwide to take care of their product data.
It offers both open-source and cloud-managed versions of its PIM solution with an integration to the Magento platform.
Mautic is an easy-to-use and straightforward automation system for electronic marketing. Using it, you can personalize and integrate all the digital properties and channels into the customer experience.
Innovation in today's organizations comes from software, where all companies are becoming software companies and need to empower their developers to deliver new customer experiences quickly. Innovation can come in many different application formats - from traditional, monolithic applications to cloud-native and 12-factor applications.

These applications must also be able to run across hybrid/multi-cloud and out to the edge. Docker enables organizations to achieve these goals by providing the only end-to-end (desktop to the data center) experience for developing and scaling distributed applications while leveraging the processes, people and tools that they have in place today.
Xamarin is using a modern desktop and web development language C# that enables development of native mobile apps for any leading mobile platform and desktop apps.

Xamarin framework was acquired by Microsoft as a part of its Visual Studio development. Xamarin has been the technology choice for over 15k companies. Apart from developing cross-platform apps, it lets the developers reuse 90% of the code base, supports the test ecosystem and debug products.

Xamarin helps us to build beautiful mobile application for Magento store with AR support.
The global mobile internet user penetration went beyond half of the world's population. Many companies develop either iOS apps or Android apps that function seamlessly on both the platforms.

Blackridge Software can raise your company to a new level.

React Native is perfect to build light-weight apps for Magento stores.

Facebook, Skype, Facebook Ads Manager, Tesla and Walmart also use it. Want to join their team?
At the moment there is an excellent plug-in for the eCommerce platform – Magento.
Main benefits you could get it from this solution:
  • you make one application for the frontend and next time if you want to change the backend – you do not need to migrate the theme
  • the application is convenient for scaling, you can store the front on a separate server
  • more traffic to your site, an extremely fast website and as a consequence more conversion

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