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AI solutions for e-commerce. Chatbots

The need to implement innovations in the field of e-commerce is obvious: user demands are growing along with the growth of technical capabilities. To satisfy demand, we need more and more advanced technological solutions, based on artificial intelligence. AI solutions must be implemented in any big business that is planning to stay among the successful companies in the coming years.

There are plenty of incredible AI solutions we've developed that might be helpful in the e-commerce industry. In this article, we will look at three types of AI innovations in e-commerce: actively used chatbots, a visual search that is gaining popularity, and a face recognition technology with extended functionality.

Chatbots. Helping businesses days and nights

Recently chatbots were a miracle to users and had minimal capabilities, and already today not a single genuinely modern resource can do without their advantages. They are on websites and in all messengers, thanks to the function of understanding natural speech, they understand users and are well understood by them, communicate with people in their language.

However, at the same time, they perform the most straightforward routine operational tasks and, if there are also live operators, chatbots significantly improve the quality of service and the number of satisfied customers. AI chatbots are used on many platforms like smart speakers, messaging apps, smartwatches, different appliances, mobile operating systems, and even cars.

A qualitative AI-based chatbot pumped through machine learning meets many requirements: it is convenient, unobtrusive, personalized, evokes positive emotions, with it the user is interested and easy to find and acquire what he needs.

  • More completed transactions – bots do not have weekends and interruptions, they instantly respond to customer requests

  • More deals – bots not merely discuss chat with clients, but also track all their actions. In light of this information, the promoting office can make exact a proper proposal for every single client

  • More reaction speed – if a "live" administrator can't always promptly react to the client's, the bot is dependably in contact

  • High-quality administration – the bot isn't irritated and does not get tired, it is constantly prepared to respond to any client questions

  • Customer returns – the chatbot dependably recalls what and when clients requested and how regularly they rehash their request. When the time comes (preliminary stipulated time) chatbot will unpretentiously remind the client that it's time to make one more purchase

  • Easy to actualize – making a chatbot does not take a great deal of time, and you can complete it or change a few settings any time you need it.

Insurance bot, for example, is a unique chatbot designed for insurance companies. It provides auto, health (life) and property insurance services. Chatbot gets orders through the bot platform and communicates with the client at the required level.

Insurance bot provides a constantly growing active audience of instant messengers and new business opportunities. It is already created, tested and proved itself, so it can be integrated into your system after paying a monthly fee for use.

More about AI solutions for e-commerce you can read in other our articles about visual search, pass recognition and personal identification, CUI and personalization. Stay tuned for more current information for your business growth.
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