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AI solutions for e-commerce. CUI and personalization

Personalization is a well-known way to increase online sales. There are lots of known strategies and tactics for gathering user information and working with Big Data to improve marketing. With global e-commerce revenue near $3 trillion in 2018 and the constantly growing market, a dramatical competition is at play. The one, who finds a way for thoroughgoing personalization, eats the whole cake. And AI solutions for e-commerce is the way.

CUI – the conversational user interface for e-commerce

Using AI-powered solutions, brands can more intelligently and efficiently scan through petabytes of data to predict customer behavior, and offer relevant and helpful recommendations to individual consumers. The process of recommendation is widely practiced by e-commerce retailers to help customers find the best solution.

CUI (conversational user interface) is a user interface conception that speaks the same language with a user. CUI chatbots come with a vast number of written down scenarios, which should cover the capabilities of the bot interface. The future of these scenarios determines the future of this bot. If it's capable to meet customer's requirements, it will become more and more popular from year to year.

CUI bot by BlackRidge Software

This bot was developed for site https://pulti.ua. The main bot's mission is to help a customer to select and buy the correct remote control. Bot communicates with a customer, asks him elaborative questions and sends him links to needed items or items similar to them on the website.

The concept of CUI communication between the user and the bot is based on a large number of possible scenarios. Scenarios are thought out in a dialogue format, where each message from the bot ends with a question or suggestion to the user. The set of scenarios has the form of a decision tree, along which a chain of reactions is formed for each user action.

To choose the right scenarios, as well as to recognize the meaning of the entered or spoken phrases, natural speech recognition systems based on machine learning are used.

Sometimes the conversational CUI format is not enough for the chatbot, or it does not quite fit customer needs. In such cases, it is worthwhile to combine the outgoing interface (CUI) with the graphical (GUI), or generally overstep the boundaries of bot interface.

E-commerce of the future – AI for personalization and efficiency

Most online customers now visit websites with a clear idea of what they want. Sometimes they are glad to have some options, but not too many options. According to Accenture's study, about 40% of customers have left a store to purchase from another site since they were overwhelmed with a large number of alternatives.

Regardless of whether they don't leave, practically 75% of your potential clients will be disappointed with immaterial substances or items that are not explicit to them. Ai based personalization solves a problem, gathering all the previous information about the customer and his/her purchases, using as well data from conversations with a chatbot. That's why CUI chatbot, that gathers and keeps all conversation history is an important source of customers' data, search and purchase history.

We at BlackRidge Software are confident: the future belongs to the visionaries. Those who will be able to see in time the new technical capabilities and apply them in their business earlier than others. In the field of e-commerce, where the competition is strong and stakes are high, it is important to be first among equals, be the champion.

New products are developed almost every day, and we are glad to be part of the new e-commerce age, where everything is possible with good technology. More about AI-based products for e-commerce read in articles about chatbots, visual search and document recognition.
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