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Xamarin is using a modern desktop and web development language C# that enables the development of native mobile apps for any leading mobile platform and desktop apps.

Xamarin framework was acquired by Microsoft as a part of its Visual Studio development. Xamarin has been the technology choice for over 15k companies. Apart from developing cross-platform apps, it lets the developers reuse 90% of the code base, supports the test ecosystem and debug products.

From Xamarin we get a mobile app that looks and feels completely native!

Xamarin is one of the oldest cross-platform framework, which offers a single language C# and runtime that works on three mobile platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows). Xamarin converts existing code into native platform code during app compilation (Objective C for iOS, Java for Android, C# for Windows platforms).

Despite Xamarin allows us to share part of the codebase to create iOS and Android apps, the visual aspects had to be developed specifically for each system.

Xamarin reduces the time and cost of mobile app development and provides a massive collection of class libraries.

Do not waste your time and pass your mobile application to our expertise and talented developers. Believe us, they know their job!
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