• Our main goal was to develop an MVP for business social networking where users could easily share news and requests in the form of cards.
  • The main challenge was to integrate a machine learning system that automatically matches people with requests for help, information, or projects, etc.


  • We built the native iOS and Android apps and used Node.js as the development language, Postgres SQL as the database, and Google Cloud as the hosting platform.
  • The main objective for Seductive Mobile team was creating an app with features for:
    1. getting their problems solved through connections with just swiping and chatting;
    2. viewing cards, answering them and skipping if the user is not interested;
    3. finding people though the closed networks.


  • Together with a client, we’ve created a very simple, useful and professional social app with closed networks approach.
  • The main mission of this project was to provide people with the technology that could turn any piece of content into something like a Tinder card for solving any kind of problems.. The app is being actively tested now by users all over the world.


  • New Cards.
  • For accelerating searching process we used self-educating system (VME) for showing cards to the user, that decides which card should be shown to user based on user’s previous interests and experience. By swiping to the left or to the right, users can decline or reject the card.
  • Map View
  • The geolocation integration was also one of the core feature, requested by the client. We used Google Map in order the users can see the community of their networks on the map in a real time.
  • Manage Networks
  • In order to make managing networks process agile, we’ve created an App with features for easily finding people from different countries though networks, communicating and finding the needed answers.
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