• SwipeIn is a mobile that allows IT contractors to search and secure their next assignment incredibly easy, see more on swipeIn.co.uk


  • Our developers are proud of reactive programming. We’ve also used parse local datastore feature, so it allows us save megabytes of user’s traffic and make UI super-responsive.
  • Requirements were changing very often. So development team has lots of discussions about implementation of different new features with customer where they suggested better solutions to customer to handle risks on early stages.

LinkedIn SDK

  • LinkedIn SDK provides access to the user basic profile and doesn’t give an access to the full work experience and connections.
  • We have found that linkedin sdk doesn’t allow to login without linkedin application installed, so we developed own solution for this. It also didn’t work on the iPad when we have started developing the app – so we also developed own solution for this.
  • Linkedin SDK doesn’t support session received from the browser so we had to emulate SDK requests in the browser by adding specific headers to the requests.


  • There wasn’t big amount of good libraries for chats working with parase.com, so we decided to develop own one. We have used push notifications before parse.com migration and socket.io after.
  • Push notifications is not a good solution for chats because apple do not guarantee that push notification will be delivered fast and even delivered. We have gone into issues when trying to use parse local storage with concurrency.
  • We’ve found several workaround to fix issues with parse libraries. Developing, developing, developing. Chat is done with wrappers, saving and loading of messages is consequential.


  • Node-Schedule – because we broadcast push notifications to recruiters every morning if there are new candidates and send them email notifications if there are new unread messages in chats.
  • Socket.io – we’re using native socet.io clients libraries – to have good realtime chats in our iOS and Android apps.
  • We’ve chosen parse.com because it was really easy to create MVP version of the app in small time. It allows us to save on admin panel, developing custom backend and maintaining cloud infrastructure.
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