Six Pack Fitness - is an online store that specializes in meal management bags and healthy food for athletes and people, who want to stay fit and active.

On top of regular website support and installation of new modules, we have also developed a large number of customized features among which are:

  • Integration with third party service and the ability to buy food based on weekly subscription. Customer chooses a meal plan and once weekly gets charged based on the meals chosen
    1. Fully redone “Recurrent payments”
    2. Prepared and set up transactional emails
    3. Created the option to cancel the order through API
  • Multiple coupons - the ability to use multiple coupons for a discount at the same time
  • Various templates of pages for different products
  • Page layouts of landing pages and informational blocks on product pages
  • Full menu customization and icon preparation
  • On top of that, we offer full technical support, content development, and general website settings.
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