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Bring Your Ideas to Life
Everything that you dreamed of can be brought to life exactly at the moment when you decide to win.
Each type of visual aid has pros and cons that must be evaluated to ensure it will be beneficial to the overall presentation. Before incorporating visual aids into speeches, the speaker should understand that if used incorrectly, the visual will not be an aid, but a distraction.
Book design is the art of incorporating the content, style, format, design, and sequence of the various components of a book into a coherent whole. In the words of Jan Tschichold, "methods and rules upon which it is impossible to improve, have been developed over centuries. To produce perfect books, these rules have to be brought back to life and applied."
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E-commerce Magento
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Our managers are available 24/7 to support you, so you'll never have to wait or worry.
8 years
of experience with Magento
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of experience with Magento
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We support Magento:
We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. We like what we do.
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night.
All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences. They use their knowledge to make our clients life better.
All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences.
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Мы знаем, что когда что-то из этого отваливается, вы теряете деньги. Мы фокусируемся на hot fixes, чтобы максимально быстро устранить проблемы на вашем сайте.
You can feel confident that you'll get the support you need whenever you want it. We fix bugs, security risks, install patches, web updates, help your site run faster and smoother.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and support to help you grow your business. If you have any questions about your Magento store, our experts are available 24/7 with answers and helpful solutions.

Our Magento support service provides top-level assistance with any bugs, questions, upgrades, development issues, technical difficulties, etc. We've got you covered.

Our dedicated team of experienced managers and certified developers will bend over backward to ensure that your business is running smoothly. You're in good hands.

You can contact us via email, messengers, phone, ticket systems or any preferred method of communication so you can get the support you need, quickly and conveniently.

How it works

Your request
First, we'll get clear on your goals and website vision.
You give us accesses
In this step, you'll prepare your content and necessary web information and we'll start building your site. Let's bring your dream website to life.
We'll go over final details and you'll be ready to launch your project, so you can start earning money.
Fixed price or estimation
Our managers are always available, including nights and weekends, ready to answer your questions.
Our projects
Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and the support you need to help you grow your business
Sale of jewelry made of precious metals and stones.
Gallery of modern art in New York.
Sale of wipes, related products and accessories.
Our clients love us
  • Dmitry is a very qualified developer. He communicates in a great way and the quality of work is excellent. We've had a lot of bad experiences with Indian developers. We chose for Indian developers 2 times, 2 times the worst experience we could wish for. Even though we really couldn't do much business together, I'm 100% sure Dmitry CAN deliver top quality. We would have probably given a complete webshop assignment. However, unfortunately, we already spend our budget regarding the webshop. We don't need his profession very often but if we need it again, we'll hire him. Communication: 10/10 Quality of work; 10/10 Overall experience; 10/10 Can recommend him to anyone who needs a JS/Magento expert.
    Tom Groenen
    Owner of 99 Webshops
  • After a short conversation with their lead programmer, I hired Blackridge and they already solved the main problem within a few hours. It was a bug that my previous developer not only caused but couldn't detect. It took Blackridge a very short time to detect and fix the problem. They know the technology and they understand how to work in a development environment so it doesn't pose a risk to your website. Very professional and I'm hiring them for ongoing work. I'd say that today they saved me at least $1,000 in lost sales.
    Joseph Feinstein
    Owner of Himalayan Bowls
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