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Why You Should Be Thrilled About Magento2

Magento version 2.1 was released in 2016 and is now used by more than a quarter of ecommerce businesses worldwide. Let's take a closer look into the origin of the groundshaking software and what it is today.
The beginning

Magento1 was launched in 2008 as an open-source platform targeted for small to medium-sized businesses. As an open-source application, big community developers worked on the next wave of innovative extensions, themes, and other features.

Magento was revolutionary for its time. It paved the way for businesses to find solutions that can be controlled and customized to client and customer needs.

Version 2.0

Magento2 was first mentioned in 2010 but due to eBay purchasing the company, delays occurred. Users waited four more years for the release of Magento2 in November 2014.

Difficulties ensued with technical challenges and another change in leadership. eBay sold Magento to a group of investors. The new leadership of the company focused on feedback and resolving developer concerns. This led to solidifying a foundation of high quality and working expectations.

The specs of Magento2

  1. Patches. Magento2 is aimed at fixing core bugs and update security issues, thus protecting important information and ensuring business safety.
  2. New Features. Elastic Search, Content Staging and other updated features allow Magento2 to function faster and smarter.
  3. Cost. The pricing model changed from per-license to revenue-based. This benefits large brands with high-volume sales periods as it comes as a flexible one-time fee.
  4. Design and Framework Flexibility. The application is easily integrated with the latest technological developments. Theme customization is easy and quick.
  5. Secured Authorization Usage. Website core components are secured and safe with the secured authorization feature. This prevents any kind of infringement.
  6. Adaptability. Magento2 allows flexibility and adaptability in varying user devices and screen sizes.
  7. Feedback and Support. Customers can give effective feedback and store owners can give proper customer support with the Application of Return Material Authorization Policy.
Magento has come a long way since 2008 and it will go far into the future. Innovation and improvement will keep Magento at the forefront of e-commerce software.

Magento is the future of eCommerce. It offers new approaches that should solve the modern challenges faced by merchants. Our team can successfully embody your business strategy with Magento
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