Lost Orders

Lost Orders

Placing a successful online order is an important part of the shopping process. A successful checkout is when a customer selects an item(s) and closes the deal by making a payment at checkout.

Based on research, however, not every checkout process is successful. There are various reasons, like a server issue or not having enough balance on the customer's credit card. If the checkout process was unsuccessful, customers usually don't try again.

Unfortunately, about 1% to 5% of all orders are lost. This equals a loss of revenue for a business. To help solve this problem, we offer a special feature that collects data from those lost orders. It gives the store admin the ability to reach out to those customers so they can complete their orders successfully.

How it works

Free Installation

  1. Module installation on Magento 1 or Magento 2 CE (EE). The installation is done by one of our expert developers at no additional charge.

Lost Order Reports

  1. A daily lost order report is sent to the store admin so they can reach out to customers.

We do not guarantee the completion of the "lost" orders that were found. Our service just detects the problems and give managers the opportunity to remedy the situation.

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