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It allows a store administrator to hide price and "Add to cart" button or hide products itself for any users group.

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    In some cases, store owners do not wish guests/unregistered users/certain groups of users to see specific products or know its price.

    We developed the solution which helps to solve this request. This module hides product price and “Add to cart” button or hide a product itself for selected customer groups (several customer groups). Products/prices will be hidden on following pages:

    • Category list page.

    • Product view page.

    • Compare pop up.

    Only allowed user groups will be able to view the price and add a products to cart.

    This feature is highly appreciated by stock sellers and is demandable by regular stores to encourage unregistered users to register on the website.


    • Encourages customers to register on a website

    • Hides prices from unconfirmed users/competitors

    • Quick Installation

    • Easy to manage

    • Friendly Interface

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